Mouthy Women: Episode One

Listen Here: Victoria Beddoes and I have decided to start a podcast, Mouthy Women. Discussing everything that comes into our minds. Basically an extension of our everyday conversations about lifestyle, feminism and self improvement. The name 'Mouthy Women' was a spur of the moment decision! But I really think it works... it's meant as a bit of satire. Considering that Victoria and I ... Read the Post

Vintage Brass Obsession

Vintage Brass is suddenly everywhere And I'm so into it I cant scroll through my IG feed without seeing boho jungle spaces filled with brass accents. So, here are some of my latest brass finds. Just rummage through a few of your favourite second hand shops and you're bound to come across a tonne of it. The trick is to know what you're looking for and to no be scared off of dust and ... Read the Post